Archer Consulting

About the Member

Salesforce Consulting for Nonprofits

Based on experience with dozens of projects, Archer Consulting partners with nonprofits to implement or improve Salesforce to strengthen their impact. Our work goes beyond just technology setup – we focus on the structure of your data and how everyone at your organization interacts with it. We help organizations make use of Salesforce to drive their fundraising, communications, program, application, outcomes, and volunteer management. Our approach is to:

  • Personalize your system to your organization’s unique needs – using our experience creating customized organizational systems, we co-design a technology and data system for your specific goals, needs, and resources
  • Serve as a guide in your implementation, helping to design business processes, anticipate challenges, and implement decisions that will work for your organization in the long-term
  • Listen to all stakeholders’ needs and wants in order to design a system that will work for everyone and, therefore, increase the ease of adoption
  • Work closely with you to build the knowledge and skills you need to effectively manage your Salesforce

We believe that your database can and should propel your mission forward and make your impact stronger.