Joanna Gattuso Consulting

About the Member

Since 2018, Joanna has been offering organizational change facilitation to small nonprofit, community, and grassroots teams in transition. She has a vision for workplaces that are imaginative, caring, and nimble to change, and she is honored to walk alongside her clients as they address big culture questions and create more loving organizational systems. If we want a more humane world, it is our duty to create systems of care, abundance, and democracy in small, yet meaningful ways, and we can start in our organizations! This work can include:

– Process Design and Facilitated Space: Many groups benefit from an external facilitator to establish a shared vision, build community, or make key decisions. I create the needed space for teams to push their practice closer to their values. Through engaging organizational retreats or meeting spaces, I can help your team move into greater alignment with one another and with its purpose.

– Leadership Coaching: With a specific focus on equity, power, and identity, my coaching can help organizational leaders shift ineffective and harmful power dynamics to build engagement and collaboration among their team. I help leaders focus on the power of the collective, embrace experimentation, and lead with a bold vision.

– Organizational Systems Design: I often meet my clients on the precipice of a change, whether that be a culture change, a structural change, or a leadership change. As we embrace change, our organizational systems need to adapt too. My work supports organizations in becoming more responsive to the cycle of change.

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