Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin, Stylist

About the Member

My name is Lisa Ann Santin. I work with accomplished and aspiring career and second-act women longing to participate in a personal brand renaissance. Big Bold Moves for Big Bold Transformations.

After working at Eileen Fisher for 15 years, dressing thousands of women, and working in fast-paced environments, I understand the difficulty that many women have when it comes to maintaining the right kind of wardrobe. Oftentimes feeling professional and feeling like oneself don’t go hand in hand. Even if they should!

I wanted to create a holistic process where women could discover a wardrobe that was effortless, worked with their lifestyles, and still felt true to their personalities. Thus, LASS Wardrobe LLC was born.

My experience in fashion and business has given me a world of perspective, which I hope to share with you. I am here to help you feel great every day by owning a sustainable, empowering wardrobe that works for your lifestyle.

I begin every partnership with the same guiding principle: You’re ready for anything. Is your closet? Like the women I work with, an executive’s closet should hold the outfits that will work hard, stand out, and feel great.

I align closets with everything my clients stand for: good for business, good for the earth, good for each other, and good for themselves.

Through my experienced eye, I show each client how to maximize the potential of their existing wardrobe, or acquire new pieces, accessories, tips, and techniques that reflect their personal brand, confidence, and style. In other words, a closet that represents an accomplished, ethical, fierce, and loyal person.

Enjoy listening to my insider tips on “The Wardrobe Muse” podcast, available on all listening platforms.

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