Tandem Cooperative

About the Member

Tandem Cooperative (Tandem Coop) is an evolving community initiative reshaping the landscape of co-working and childcare services in Salem. We are actively intervening in a system of expensive, inequitable and scarce childcare to provide a flexible, affordable, values-driven alternative.

At our core, our service merges co-working space, childcare and community connection.

Tandem Coop is a response to our deep communal needs to: find fulfillment, build a village, and breathe.

In our pilot, we operate Monday – Friday mornings, and provide care for children between 1 and 5 years old. Tandem Cooperative’s members get access to Co-working-only packages, PlayCare (childcare and co-working) packages, community events, and discounts on programming. We offer a self-assessed sliding scale for all of our services. Parents/guardians are required to remain on-premises and reasonably available to take care of their children’s basic needs upon request.

If you are searching for a creative childcare solution, yearning for community, or just want to be a part of a progressive, values-driven business, reach out!

We’d love to connect with:
– folx seeking community workspace for remote work, hobbies, to-do lists, passions, or school work
– families who are seeking socialization and respite
– parents seeking non-traditional care for their kids
– small, family-oriented teams
– and other child-oriented businesses who are seeking symbiotic relationships, cooperative partnerships and/or space.