Writing Art

About the Member

Writing and editing services for the creative and/or arts & culture organization

Are you an artist, or an arts and culture organization, looking for a writer to help tell your story and broaden the reach and appreciation of your art or work? That’s what I do.
I am a Freelance Writer focused on translating visual and performing arts into the written word. As a passionate supporter and consumer of the arts, I thrive on the translation of artistic vision into the written language with experience helping others achieve their individual or institutional goals. I have a deep understanding of organizations committed to the arts, service, and action. My expertise is in celebrating and communicating the creative’s story for artist statements, book projects, marketing materials, strategic planning and visioning documents, grant applications, or editing assignments. The finished products can be targeted for the digital space and/or the print world. Writing Art is agile and collaborates with individual artists as well as with teams serving arts and culture organizations.
Throughout your time working with me, you will draw upon my skills as an expert project manager, problem solver, and creative collaborator, and benefit from my strong writing, research and editing skills. I can be trusted to meet deadlines and have the capacity to see and value the minutiae as well as the big picture. You can rely on my ability to be both a self-starter and a team player. And all with humor tossed in to keep us grounded.
Let’s talk and write your story.