Odd Meter Coffee

About the Member

Hi hi! We are Angelica and Eric of Odd Meter Coffee, a cozy, vibrant little spot in downtown Salem, MA, where we can celebrate our fellow humans and make delicious coffee.

Besides loving people and coffee, we believe there’s no point of being in business if we can’t have a positive impact on the world around us, so we’ve built a lot of our values into it. Success for us is about way more than profits. It’s about how much we can increase inclusivity and economic justice, reduce our impact on our beloved earth, and really connect with the people in our community.

Thanks so much for being curious enough to stop by here and find out a little about us. We’re always playing with flavors, tweaking our coffee, and having a good time with friends from and visitors to Salem. Drop by, say hi, and get a great coffee. We can’t wait to meet you in person, and hope you’ll stay in touch till then!