Explore a fascinating collection featuring various items such as knives, bones, a camera, and stones. These intriguing pieces are beautifully presented in an antique wooden printer's drawer with the intriguing title "human constructs". This unique display will captivate your curiosity and reveal our diverse human history.



2024 Senior Thesis: Senior Studio Arts Seminar



2024 Senior Thesis: Senior Studio Arts Seminar

by 2024 Senior Thesis: Senior Studio Arts Seminar

Date & Time

May 01

- 04

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Montserrat Gallery
23 Essex St
, MA
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About this Event

Reception: Wednesday, May 1, 5-7 pm

Open to the public

Human Constructs

Montserrat Gallery

This show serves as a collection of intimate evidence categorizing experiences of identity. The artists investigate the figure through visual representation and/or the body’s spatial and internal relation to the work. Human Constructs surveys painting and drawing, sculpture, installation, and sound to bring together an archive unique to each artist.


  • J. Adam Bee
  • Angelina DeDominicis
  • Mary Hall
  • Delilah Jaros
  • Pyre Klein
  • Relena LaBoy
  • Elias Rackliffe
  • Andrew Steinberg


What Once Was

This two-person show explores memory through painting and mixed-media installation. Within this work, there is an attempt to reach out and revive the moments and experiences the artists yearn for from a dormant state in their subconscious.

Carol Schlosberg Gallery


  • Gillian Avelar
  • Nicole Andrade


Yard Sale

This solo show examines the intersection of childhood toys, perception, and the journey of growing up.

Bare Gallery, 1A Knowlton St

Featuring Elijah Fernandes