Arriving at Your Artist Statement

by Elena Ruocco Bachrach, PhD



Arriving at Your Artist Statement

Date & Time

August 01

- 11

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Elena Ruocco Bachrach, PhD
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About this Event

Perhaps while attending an art opening or creatives’ networking event, you have heard it mentioned, and perhaps you pushed the possibility of writing your own artist statement to the margins of your thinking. Until now. During this weeklong workshop students will have the opportunity to work independently and together to craft a polished artist statement. Each day, students will be led through an exercise (or more than one), and each day will build on the prior day’s work completing the week with a professional artist statement. Starting with free writing, students will move through the week with increasingly specific assignments, building blocks, designed to shape their own artist statement. Work will include active class participation, writing, and sharing writing for group discussion. Students will complete the workshop with their own artist statement in hand as well as practical artist’s resources to help expand the visibility, understanding, and appreciation of their art.

Workshop time commitment:

3 hours daily, five days

Additional 1-2 hrs outside of class for independent work (revisions, new writing) as needed or assigned

In-person class

Specific August 2023 dates tbc