Graveyard Magic with WitchDoctor Utu

by Festival of the Dead



Graveyard Magic with WitchDoctor Utu

by Graveyard Magic with WitchDoctor Utu

Date & Time

October 26

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Festival of the Dead
OMEN: Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium
184 Essex Street
, MA

About this Event

Magic performed in a graveyard is one of the oldest forms of witchcraft and can enhance and empower our won personal magic!

Magic performed in a graveyard is one of the oldest forms of witchcraft. The very notion of graveyard magic is considered a taboo subject to some, but once we demystify the practice and deconstruct why it is controversial, it opens up a host of possibilities and benefits that can enhance and empower our personal magic.

Graveyard magic enables us to conjure where reverence, love, compassion, necromancy and the power of place coexist in a potent and tangible way that few locations can offer, and in fact magic in the graveyard is a dignified and honorable form of conjuration and witchcraft, we just need to know how and why.

Author Witchdoctor Utu, will lead this class that will be beneficial to the seasoned practitioner and seeker alike, and he will share a series of workings, spells, traditions and truths to help you navigate the sacred magic available to you in the graveyard and cemetery.


  • A brief history of graveyard magic throughout the ages
    • How to enter any graveyard and cemetery, whether to perform magic or simply visiting
    • The types of magic the graveyard can provide
    • How to use certain graves, headstones and monuments within the cemetery grounds for your magic, as well as how to “pay” for the magic those specific places can provide.
    • Graveyard traditions and superstitions; some are worth adhering to and the reasons why
    • What you can leave in the graveyard and what you can bring home for your work; offerings, sticks, stones and graveyard dirt.
    • The unique practice of working with “abandoned” houses of the dead and the blessings it can bring for doing so.

    The evening ends with a visit to the edge of one of America’s oldest graveyards where the spirits of Salem will be honored.