March 7, 2018

Meet the Member: Goodnight Fatty

by cns2020

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Goodnight Fatty: Popping up each week in the Alley at Higginson Sq. Salem MA, this late night pop-up cookie shop is here to curb your sweet tooth.
Each weekend Goodnight Fatty’s sling a new variety of “Fatties” (That’s what they call cookies) made in small batches, with ethical and quality ingredients. Most importantly, served warm when you need them most.

1) Tell us a bit about you and what you do?
Goodnight Fatty is Salem’s first and only late night cookie spot. We serve fresh baked warm cookies called Fatties for those of you looking to curb the weekend sweet tooth. Each weekend we change our line-up of three Fatties, so that no two visits are ever alike. What’s on the menu this week? You’ll just have to venture down a dark alley to see for yourself.
2) What do you love the most about your creative work?
Pulling on those nostalgic heartstrings is our driving force. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a warm cookie to bring you back to your childhood. That, mixed with a sugar high and board games is a sure fire way to build on memories past and create new “memories” for our customers week after week.
3) How does your creative work contribute to the Creative Economy?
Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Though building Goodnight Fatty’s audience, we’re able to support not only our creative endeavors but those of others in our community too. Perhaps it’s hiring a Balloon Artist or Magician entertainer for a night. Or, sponsoring a local artist to take over our storefront shop window. Occasionally, we get to partner with other food startups and pair our fatties with their product. We strive to work with the creatives that surround us because it helps build our brand alongside theirs. Part of Goodnight Fatty’s mission is to help become a resource and model for those looking to bootstrap their own creative food endeavors. While we’re currently an open book for all those looking to launch their food idea, in the future we hope to incubate a pop-up as an effort to return all the goodwill and support we’ve received along the way.
4) What’s your favorite part of creative work?
Creativity is a natural change agent. Participating in Creative work ensures that we will remain relevant, connected, and focused on where our company needs to be, rather than rooting ourselves in mindsets and trends that age out. Creativity puts people and experiences first, and this is where we’re betting all of our chips.
5) What’s the one thing people wouldn’t know about you?
We’re not striving to become a traditional brick and mortar or food truck; we are a pop-up. “But if you’re a pop-up, how do I find you?” We have a storefront in Salem, and offer regular hours each week just like all the other brick and mortar businesses that you love and rely on. We’re different because we lease a space on weekends that is a conference room during the week and converted into our cookie shop on Friday. It’s a lot of work to set-up and break down each week, but it also affords us the ability to be right downtown and provide our patrons Fatties during the times that they want them the most!
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Goodnight Fatty

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Goodnight Fatty is Salem MA’s premiere late night cookie pop-up. Come by for the best decision you’ve made all day. We’re open every weekend for Chubbies in the morning and Fatties at night! A Cookie Story… Late one night after a nice dinner out in Salem MA, we weren’t quite ready to call it a night. “You know what I