About the Member

Before my daughter was born in 2010, I had a performing arts company,The Outlaw Style Thrance (theater/dance) Co.
In the 30 years I ran it, I directed, choreographed, designed (costumes, set, lighting) as well as built, sewed and hung lights. The definition of necessity being the mother of invention.

In 2013, I created and started teaching  Thrance (theater/dance) classes to kidlets of all ages. This is when I discovered my love of teaching and my need to be creating something at all times – Choreography, maracas, wings, wands, ears & tails, etc.

In 2018, I started teaching sewing and arts & crafts followed.  I became completely infatuated with found object art, using recycled materials and clocks. Thus, I have evolved into a different kind of artist.