Emporium 32

About the Member

Emporium 32 is an independent boutique run by husband-wife team Jillian and Nick Perry.  After falling victim to the 2009 financial bubble, we decided to start our own business and haven’t looked back since!  As former renaissance faire performers, avid antique collectors, and onetime fixtures in the local Steampunk community, our passion for classic styles and traditions of the past is reflected in all aspects of our lives, namely our business.

After multiple years as regulars in the local art market and pop-culture convention scene, we opened our first brick-and-mortar location in Salem, Massachusetts in September 2016.  Inspired by everything from Walt Disney to Belle Epoch-era Parisian Metro signs, we strive to create an environment that brings traditional styles and techniques, and quality to the masses- worthy of the classic Main Street department store of bygone days.  In addition to our own line of handmade jewelry, art prints, and leather work, we carry work from over 90 independent artists and small businesses, most exclusive to our store.

a room filled with lots of hats and hats.
three soap bars sitting on top of a wooden table.
a stack of different types of fabric on a rack.
a card with a picture of a witch on it.
a mannequin wearing a black and gold kimono.