Witch DR

About the Member

Opened in 2012, Witch DR is a family owned and operated glass blowing studio located in downtown Salem Massachusetts. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, the shop features a wide selection of glass pipes hand-made in the USA, smoking/vaping accessories, a full line of CBD products and live in-store glass blowing. Witch DR has a beautiful 2000sqft gallery that is home to New England’s largest collection of functional glass art. Hosting exhibitions from  top artists in the glass industry; along with artists working in all mediums, live music and community events, Witch DR has created a truly unique and creative retail experience.
In addition to retail, Witch DR offers a complete wholesale line of glass pipes and CBD products.
Witch DR gallery is available to rent for private events.
a display case filled with lots of bottles.
a group of marbles sitting on top of each other.
a glass sculpture of a car made of glass.
a group of vases sitting next to each other.

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