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May 18, 2020
Featured image for “The Chaos Within – It Takes a Village with Tia Cole”

The Chaos Within – It Takes a Village with Tia Cole

by joeyphoenix
“Can we create a village? Could we create a community so that something like this happens that it’s easier, it’s already there, the systems are already in place, there is someone to help care for you and your family and you’re not just on your own?” Tia Cole Tia Cole is a local artist, soapmaker, community organizer, and arts advocate.
May 18, 2020
December 28, 2019
Featured image for “The Wardrobe Muse – Rubbish to Runway”

The Wardrobe Muse – Rubbish to Runway

by cns2020
Today, The Wardrobe Muse is all about an event coming up on January 17th – Rubbish to Runway happening at the Galleries at LynnArts.
December 28, 2019