Arpeggione Ensemble

About the Member

Founded in 2022 by clarinetist Thomas Carroll and flutist Andrea LeBlanc, Arpeggione is the North Shore’s only resident historically-informed chamber music ensemble. Arpeggione reimagines the concert experience to bring familiar and unknown masterpieces to our audiences in the intimate spaces and stunning landscapes of the North Shore.

Arpeggione was inspired by the salons of the early 19th century, where the line between listener and performer blurred. Demand for transcriptions and arrangements of favorite works soared as printed music and affordable instruments became increasingly available. Music lovers could experience the essence of their favorite symphony or opera whenever they wanted, on the instrument of their choice.
Taking its name from perhaps Schubert’s most reimagined work, Arpeggione explores this tradition of reinvention, pairing period arrangements of late 18th and 19th century repertoire with more traditional repertoire for chamber ensembles. Seeking additionally to elevate the works of marginalized composers, Arpeggione strives to program chamber works by female composers and composers of Color, which were frequently premiered alongside works by canonized composers and later omitted from the canon.


As the North Shore’s only early music ensemble, Arpeggione promises to stand at the vanguard of chamber music performances on historical instruments, revitalizing once overlooked repertoire to create a newly expanded, reexamined, and inclusive musical canon.