Pinkieswear Productions

About the Member

This business concept was borne out of our attendance to various ComicCon/Wizard World conventions. We observed that many of the “talent” who attend these events have very passionate, dedicated and broad fan bases. We, also, discovered, in discussion with the talent, that these celebrity have passions outside their chosen career that they would like to pursue. Additionally, members of these various fandoms have a strong desire for access to talent. We have invested time and money through attendance at conventions across the United States, to cultivate relationships with talent and lay the foundation for the first event, All the while, looking to the future to adapt this model to our wide and varied client base.

One of our main goals is to promote celebrities’ passions outside of their given profession, but within the respective artistic community, as a whole, allowing them the opportunity to introduce themselves as a different type of artist.

In expanding our horizons, we have found the con world calling us!  Looking for a unique con experience?!  Look no further than PinkieSwear Productions!  PSP is happy to bring to you, the fan, and to you, the celebrity, a “boutique” con experience like no other!!

This product/service is twofold. For the talent, we will promote and produce exhibits, etc. to allow them to publicly showcase their passions to target populations. The audience to be served may be members of the art community within a specific city, members of the fandom of a specific talent and/or the public at large.