Patton Homestead

About the Member

The Patton Homestead Inc (PHI) is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which is independent of the Town of Hamilton. It is the formal legal entity of Friends of Patton Homestead.

In late 2021, PHI adopted the name “Friends of Patton Homestead ” to more accurately reflect the inclusivity of its reach.

The mission of PHI/Friends of Patton Homestead is to preserve history, honor veterans, and to welcome community. It is dedicated to supporting and preserving the historic Patton Homestead as a valued community asset and to helping to provide educational, recreational and cultural opportunities to local and regional residents.

The vision of PHI is that the Patton Homestead is a historic place where families, the community and Veterans enrich their lives through cultural events, seasonal festivals, military focused programming, Veterans’ gatherings, social events and retreats.