September 3, 2018

Neon Dream – Pop Up Art Installation

by Felicia Cheney

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Creative Collective worked with Steez Design and multiple Hubweek artists to bring the pop up art installation Neon Dream to downtown Salem. Creative Collective facilitated the placement, provided tours of the installation, hosted a kick-off event and managed over 1000 attendees over a two week period as well as providing documentation and media coverage for the pop up install. During the install Creative Collective also ran a very successful hashtag campaign using #neondreams

Neon Dream
Created by Helen Popinchalk and Morgan Grenier, Trifecta Editions, Jay LaCouture, AntiDesigns and Andy Bablo, Steez Designs

Go to the Light: Neon Dream is a unique, immersive black light experience! Drawing inspiration from interior design and all that glows and fluoresces in the natural world, they create a dayglow cavern – the ultimate neon clubhouse. Their space combines elements of interior environments (repeat pattern wallpaper, custom seating, decorative lighting) with ephemera and 3-D objects inspired by nature (a custom TV terrarium with live scorpions, giant glowing crystals and geodes, bizarre neon plants). The resulting space and its flux between indoors & outdoors will thrill Hub Week visitors with a totally unique psychedelic art experience.