Creative Collective connects the creative workforce and economic development through connected programs, technical assistance, consultancy, advocacy, and more.

Welcome to Creative Collective, where we harness the power of creativity for economic growth and community development. Our mission is to link the creative workforce with transformative business solutions through a range of interconnected programs, expert consulting, targeted advocacy, and much more.

Key Highlights of Creative Collective:

  1. Business Empowerment Program: We offer a unique suite of opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals who seek a dynamic and innovative approach to business expansion, networking, and brand visibility.

  2. Creative North Shore: Our public platform is a vibrant showcase of the creative community, featuring local small businesses, exciting events, and up-to-the-minute news on arts and culture happenings.

  3. Advocacy for Equality: We champion fair compensation for creative professionals and enhanced support for underserved business owners. Our aim is to foster equitable, progressive business practices that result in sustainable, inclusive communities. Discover our unwavering commitment to anti-racism, equity, and accessibility.

  4. Consultancy Division: This team blends our core strengths, overseeing projects for municipalities, organizations, and businesses that recognize the crucial role of the creative workforce in driving economic development.

At Creative Collective, we, along with our members and partners, envision a world where flourishing arts, culture, and creative sectors contribute significantly to community and business sustainability. Together, we are connecting creativity, community, and commerce for a brighter future. Engage with us today and let's create impact together.