Creative Collective is operated by a team of working artists, marketing experts, and problem solvers with cross-industry experience. We use our expertise to consult with clients from the individual to the municipal level on all things related to creative small business, economic development, inclusivity and accessibility, and innovation. 

What we can provide: 

  • In depth analysis of your existing business strategy 
  • Creative small business support and ideas for best practices
  • Connections to decision makers across industries in the North Shore
  • Connections to artists and makers who can help you complete projects 
  • Equity, inclusivity, and accessibility resources 
  • Resources for event planning and management
  • Advice around working with local municipalities in terms of permits and bureaucratic red tape
  • Tips and tricks for how to operate successfully within the creative economy

And this is just the beginning. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your goals and assist you in solving your creative challenges. 

View our 2023 Annual Report. 

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