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Fundead Publications

Creative Collective has been an essential ally to FunDead Publications. In 2016, FunDead was a brand-new, budding Salem publishing company with a very small, but loyal following. Creative Collective was key in shining a light on us to their many local, and not-so-local, followers. Thanks to Creative Collective, we added hundreds of new followers to our own social media and saw exponential growth in our writing submission numbers.

- Amber Newbury
Owner and Editor, Writer

Salem Main Streets

Partnering with Creative Collective as co-organizers of the Salem Arts Festival was exactly the boost this important community event needed to take things to the next level.

The Creative Collective staff was able to bring on more sponsors and community partners than we had ever had, and make them all feel engaged in the event in a way I had never been able to do on my own. Thanks to the collective and its extensive network of business members promotional reach increased drastically thanks to both the use of their social media channels and their careful attention to improving our existing channels.

Last years festival had record-breaking numbers of attendees, of participating gallery artists, of art sold, of street fair vendors involved, and of performers paid – in fact, we were able to increase our operating income by over 50%.

- Kylie Sullivan
Executive Director

Gallows Hill Museum and Theatre

I joined Creative Collective because they thought it would be a great idea to bring people in the arts and industry in one place and to bounce ideas off each other. It’s a great resource for so much more. When the pandemic hit I was trying to come up with content and Creative Collective was fantastic helping me with that. Creative Collective was a great way to make things happen that weren’t happening through the pandemic.

- Erik Rodenheiser

House of the Seven Gables

As a business, we see so much value in our membership for the Creative Collective everything from kind of daily marketing and social media to partnering up on big events throughout the years that we have been members.

One of the beautiful things about our membership Creative Collective is that we are able to connect with artists and musicians and all sorts of creatives to make our historic site even more inclusive and relevant here in 2021. Creative Collective was a big help for us during the pandemic and in 2020 and especially kind of in those early days of the pandemic when nobody really knew what was going to happen and all of us were so new with the technological changes. Creative Collective and especially John Andrews swooped right in and helped us to create kind of an online program. We did a happy birthday celebration with Miss Emmerton, who is portrayed by Irene Axelrod, who’s a great friend here at the house of Seven Gables.

- Julie Arrison-Bishop
Community Engagement Director

Dot Connector Consulting

Creative Collective has been integral to our growth and has put us in contact with grants that helped us not only survive but thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of the past year, we have been able to lean on the team at the Collective and our fellow members to create new partnerships and create a very steady stream of referrals. In addition to the connections, the team is always making recommendations and keeping us aware of opportunities, trainings, and resources to help us sustain and scale.

- Mikki Wilson
Owner and Founder
Cynthia August

Cynthia August Images Photography

Becoming a member of the Creative Collective is one of the most nourishing things I’ve ever done for Cynthia August Images Photography. In just one year of being a Collective member I’ve received more connections, support and inspiration for my business than I have had in ten years of membership in other organizations. I attribute that to the way the CC gets to know their members and works tirelessly to ‘connect-the-dots’ for them, making opportunities for growth on a daily basis. Thanks to the CC, in just one year I’ve

  • broadened my marketing sphere of influence thanks to the CC’s email list.
  • discovered colleagues and made friends with a ton of happy and healthy North Shore businesses at CC social events, boosting my outreach and introducing me to my tribe.
  • collaborated with other CC creatives on projects that have increased my visibility and raised my key price points.
  • supported great CC projects that are energizing our local economy and strengthening our creative infrastructure.
  • learned how my business can be a positive force for change and improvement in our community – and made it happen thanks to participation in events like the 2019 Arts and Culture Summit.
  • expanded my business, and made a plan for the future I’m excited about!


Perhaps most importantly, participating in the Collective has helped me develop a stronger understanding of Cynthia August Images and the way it fits into the fabric of our creative community. With that clearer view, I am moving with more confidence and with a healthier business. I’m excited for 2020!

Thank you, Creative Collective!

- Cynthia August
Photographer and Creative Entrepreneur
Anna Dugan


Joining Creative Collective has been such a game-changer for me. I have gained more opportunities and expanded my network exponentially since becoming a member. Every single Creative Collective event has led me to meeting new people and building stronger relationships within the community. They have been instrumental in helping me become more knowledgeable about events & organizations happening on the North Shore, which has led to opportunities that I would not have even known existed before. The Creative Collective Team not only works extremely hard to ensure their members are actually benefiting from their memberships, but they do so with such care. They truly want to see you succeed. Joining the Collective has not meant working less hard but it has meant working smarter, within a larger network, and with the guidance & support of a pretty amazing group of people. I am grateful for all they do for me as an individual and for the community as a whole. I am proud to be part of this larger voice, helping create more space, opportunity, and value for artist & creative businesses.

- Anna Dugan
Artist & Creative Entrepreneur
Linda Mullen

Grace & Diggs

As someone who struggles with social media – creating the content, developing a marketing base, posting regularly, it has been such a great thing to have the help and networks of Creative Collective available as support and inspiration to keep developing my online presence. Access to their marketing tips and advice is the hand-holding I need to get better at social media. Also, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having gorgeous professional photographs of my work available through Creative Collective. Great photography helps me create social media content that makes me proud. For a small business that doesn’t have a big marketing budget, spending $40 a month for all this is worth every last penny.

- Linda Mullen
Peyton Pugmire

Creative Spirit

The support I receive from the Creative Collective is tremendous peace of mind for me. I trust that the Collective team is aware of what I’m up to on a regular basis, and that they sincerely care about helping to get the word out. In addition, they help us all connect with one another and feel like an essential part of the region’s culture. This is all heavy duty stuff, and they do it with such love, kindness, and peace! Thanks guys!

- Peyton Pugmire
Goodnight Fatty

Goodnight Fatty

Creative Collective has been a guiding light through the process of starting our business here on the Northshore. Yes, our membership has paid for itself several times over through sales at events they’ve organized, but the real value here comes indirectly. John and the crew have connected us with many critical relationships that have deepened our connection to the community and help propelled us forward in ways that I’m not sure we would have achieved otherwise. The level of care, attention, and friendship we have gained here is unique, and unlike any other collective we have seen.

- Erik Sayce
Dan Donato


The Creative Collective has been a great way to meet other business owners on the North Shore. The Collective staff is adept at facilitating networking events that feel authentic and not like traditional “networking” events I’ve been to. I also enjoy that the mission leans toward the creative and artistic communities. It’s been perfect for my organization.

- Dan Donato
Owner/Strategy Overlord
Ali Wilson Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls has been a member of the Creative Collective since shortly after our inception. Given their knowledge and tools, ‘The Collective’ was a no-brainer to raise awareness of our mission, projects, and events. Based on the strength and track record of the Creative Collective we plan to continue our membership.

In addition to our membership, for the 2018 Beyond Walls Street Art Festival we contracted with John and his team to take on an expanded role in running the festival’s social media strategy; no small feat given our growth objectives and our need to not only promote participating artists and Beyond Walls signature events, but also the events of our festival partners. In total, the 14-day festival included 7 signature events and 41 partner events. The Collective put the right channels, tactics, and tools in motion with relevant messages and the right voice going out throughout.

With art, culture, creativity, and community being central to Beyond Walls work and with The Creative Collective sharing a vision that thriving culture and creative sectors support the sustainability of communities (and frankly, make the world a better place), we are excited to continue to work and partner with The Creative Collective. I give them my highest recommendation.

- Al Wilson
Executive Director

Cojuelos Productions

Creative Collective has been essential for my business tool kit since the start. Their support and resources have guided me in making effective decisions for my company. My business membership has provided exposure to other amazing local businesses, organizations and audiences, creating opportunities for connections and collaborations that have resulted in creative partnerships, with art, culture, creativity and community as a central and shared purpose

- Rosario Ubiera-minaya
Founder & Principle
Doneeca Thurston

Peabody Essex Museum

What is there not to love about working with Creative Collective!? I recently partnered with them on our second block party event at PEM in July. Last year we got about 1,000 people and knew that attendees would be looking for even more this year. Creative Collective put together an incredible vendor fair, featuring a large number of their business members and businesses local to the North Shore. The fair started three hours before the event and drew a crowd right away! It was the perfect addition to the block party and really emphasized the community feel we were going for. I’m pretty sure there were a good number of people who came just for the vendor fair and ended up sticking around for the block party. We had over 4,000 people attend the event and it was great to see so many happy faces, vendors included. Creative Collective did a fantastic job of recruiting the vendors, helping them set up, and making sure the vendors had a positive experience. I can always trust the Creative Collective team with any task or project, because they always deliver. Thank you John, Roby, and Kati!

- Doneeca Thurston
Creative Engagement Producer
House of the seven gables

House of the Seven Gables

Our work with Creative Collective has been a valuable resource during the 350th anniversary of The House of the Seven Gables. Our membership with the Collective has helped us with classic events like Taste of The Gables, but has also supported us with making new community connections such as the seaside yoga events with Rebel Yell Yoga. The Gables also hired the Collective as consultants to support our first-ever Gables Fest event. Without Creative Collective, we never would have been able to make connections with the unique talents that made the celebration a success. As a community we are fortunate to have a talented group of creatives working for the greater cultural good of Salem and beyond.


Intramersive LLC

When developing our company, Intramersive, we were faced with the issue of finding a way to describe our work in an emerging market unfamiliar to Salem, the North Shore, and even Boston. We immediately looked to the Creative Collective for advice, and got far more than we had ever anticipated. When it came to marketing our first show, Daemonologie, Creative Collective worked tirelessly to help us get our show information out to potentially interested attendees. From attending our rehearsals to have photo shoots with our actors, to promoting us on websites, blogs, and social media to boost our credibility online – Creative Collective gave us the boost most new companies could only wish for.

- Live Action Roleplay
Immersive Theatre Troupe
January O'neil

Mass Poetry Festival

With their resources, connections, creative spirit, and unwavering support, Creative Collective has been invaluable to the growth and development of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival in Salem. Their outreach is phenomenal. Poets and writers typically work alone, so the festival brings together this community for a glorious weekend of words in Salem. John Andrews and his team knows the landscape—digitally and locally. They have the strategies and skills to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive following, and to help a grassroots org like ours achieve national prominence. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the innovation and creative vision that Creative Collective brings to the table. Every. Single. Time.

- January O'Neil
Executive Director
Rebel Yell Yoga

Rebel Yell Yoga

I am over the moon to be a part of the Creative Collective with both my small businesses: Rebel Yell Yoga, and The Chaos Factor. My business partner, Lauren Recchia and I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the mission! We put together our first event with Creative Collective for April and the event sold out in less than 24 hours. Its so amazing to be part of a creative and supportive community!

- Chrissy Vaccaro