October 9, 2020

4 Ways to Be Kind to Your Mind on World Mental Health Day 2020

by joeyphoenix

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Saturday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and in a year rife with challenges, there is no better time than the present to take steps to be kind to your mind. While there are no substitutions for medical intervention and therapy in regards to more substantial mental health challenges, there are things that you can do right now to give your brain some extra love.

So in honor of World Mental Health Day, we’ve compiled a list* of resources for you to learn more about how you can practice self-kindness and hold space for yourself in an unwieldy world.


Sometimes its difficult to know where to begin when it comes to caring for your mind. The Artful Life Counseling Center & Studio can help point you in the right direction with Expressive Arts Therapy and Programs for youth and adults (Click here to see their upcoming calendar of events and workshops).

Or consider a one-on-one mindfulness coaching to help you recenter and find clarity with The Mindful Creative. Sign up here for a free 45 minute Discovery Session.


A little pampering can go a long way. Treat yourself to a massage from Freedom Massage or Stress Management Associates of the North Shore. Provide your aching muscles some relief with an Acupuncture session from Healing Creative or connect to your root chakras with a one on one session from The Ladies Entrance.

Looking for guided meditations and opportunities for mindfulness? Tune into a Sound Healing for the Soul live stream with Lisa Kawski.


It’s no secret that moving your body has some added benefits for your mind as well. And while, again, movement practice like dance or yoga is not a substitute for professional mental and behavioral health for those who need it, studies have proven that regular movement and exercise can help take the edge off the COVID blues.

Take a virtual or socially distanced Yoga class with Wild Sea Wellness, Soul City Yoga, or The Salty Buddha to stretch out your muscles and ease your mind.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to move your corporeal form, you can also express yourself through movement with an Improv Dance Class from MAGMA dance studio in Gloucester.


Get back in touch with your self-confidence with an affirming closet refresh from Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin, Stylist. Buy yourself flowers and light up the room with color with custom arrangements (available for delivery!) from Magnolia Blooms. Or rekindle your connection to soul with a virtual workshop like the Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle at Creative Spirit.

*Note: This is obviously not a comprehensive list. If you know of mental health related resources North of Boston, we’d love to hear about them! Send our editor a note at joeyphoenix@creativecollectivema.com

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