February 7, 2022

7 Soothing Products to Help You Relax This Winter

by Felicia Cheney

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No one would argue that February is often dark and less than pleasant. While there are warm, cozy events happening, lots of chocolate to eat, and people are starting to slowly make their way out of hibernation – sometimes we need a little extra help with our self-care.

Here are seven of our favorite products to help you decompress, de-stress, and just rest during some of the coldest, dreariest days of winter.

Peppermint Lavender Scrub from Coven Beauty Company ($18)

The unique blend of Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt that makes up this Peppermint Lavender Scrub is perfect to massage onto your muscles, allowing the salt to absorb into your skin easing the aches and pains. (Oooh, ahhh!)

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Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend from Moody’s Home and Gifts ($13)

This soothing Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Clary Sage, Himalayan Cedarwood, French Lavender and Tangerine from Moody’s Home and Gifts is the breath of sweet air that will help you de-stress this winter.

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Calming Balm from Tasteful Skin ($25)

Tasteful Skin’s collection of balms wouldn’t be complete without a blend that nourishes you inside and out. Use Tasteful Skin’s Calming Balm as an aromatic and topical healing remedy. Apply when needed to ease your body into a calming state whether it be during the day or just before bed.

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CBD body soap from Harmony Harvest ($18)

This CBD body soap from Harmony Harvest contains a glorious blend of Lemongrass Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Fair-Trade Shea Butter, Fair-Trade Palm Oil, Mica, Natural Terpenes, and Full-Spectrum CBD (contains up to .3% THC).

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Bee and Sunflower Floating Candle from Beverly Bees ($5)

Honey bees, long regarded as models of industry and purity, make their wax from the nectar of flowers. Pure beeswax candles with their delightful sweet fragrance burn longer, more cleanly, and give off more light than other wax candles. Enjoy the warm ambiance and sweet honey aroma of these appealing candles as they naturally purify the air. 

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Self Love body and room mist from Circle of Stitches ($16.16)

Body & Room Spray is a refreshing mist with a dual purpose—it can be spritzed onto the body for a soothing dose of aromatherapy, or sprayed into the air as long-lasting room freshener. The comforting, all-natural formula contains no alcohol, fluorocarbons, or anything else that dry out the skin or harm the air we breathe.

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Self-Love Bath Fizzy ~ Rose and Patchouli from Nine of Cups Bathing Co.

Cast a powerful spell with this rose and patchouli bath fizzy. No chemicals, no irritants, no dyes, no perfumes. Only supportive, soothing, sexiness in your bath.

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BONUS: Self-Care Package from 4 North Shore Small Businesses

Check out this INCREDIBLE new collaboration from four north shore based creative small businesses. This self-care basket is great gift (for yourself or someone elese) for this Valentiney kind of week. Each self-care basket ($48) includes:

1 Purple Door Yoga (Salem ) Class ($17 Value) 
1 Full Spectrum Harmony Harvest CBD Body Soap ($18 value) 
2 Pure Beverly Bees Beeswax Candles ($8 + $6 value) 
2.5oz Bag Hand Harvested Full Kettle Herbal Tea ($14 value) 

Get yours by emailing julie@farmdirectcoop.org

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