January 10, 2019

Arts and Culture Advocacy Series: Peyton Pugmire

by cns2020

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The Arts and Culture Advocacy Series features voices in the community who are actively working to promote arts and culture as an essential and valuable part of business, community, and daily life. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what role you play in the creative community? 

My name is Peyton Pugmire, and I am the Founding Director and owner of Creative Spirit, a center for creativity and personal transformation, in Marblehead, MA.  I have been a creative spirit all my life, having found my own voice, power, and joy through the arts, and I am passionate about helping others find themselves through creative and spirited experiences.  I love collaboration.  I love to help broaden our sense of this community and provide new opportunities for everyone.    

Why do you feel the arts, culture, and creativity are important? 

I was able to claim my true self and come out as a gay man at the age of eighteen because of my artistic experiences and training.  The arts helped me develop my voice and a sense of confidence – enough of each that I was able to proclaim to my community that I was different.  And that it was who I wanted to be, despite great fear and potential rejection.  My imagination allowed me to envision and believe in a positive future for myself.  In my young daydreams, I began creating and manifesting the life that my heart desired.  This all is what the arts and creativity do for everyone!

I have been a creative spirit all my life, having found my own voice, power, and joy through the arts, and I am passionate about helping others find themselves through creative and spirited experiences. I love collaboration.

Peyton Pugmire, Founding Director and Owner of Creative Spirit

How do you feel arts, culture, and creativity most profoundly impact your personal and/or business life?

These impact my business greatly because they are what Creative Spirit is all about.  I opened my center to inspire and empower everyone in these ways.  Each day I wake up hoping that individuals will be called that day to honor and cultivate their own innate creativity – to honor their passions and interests.  To express themselves, tell their story, and imagine something new.  To connect with their heart and soul.  To be themselves!  I believe we all want this, and it is my job to have others believe that this “stuff” is amazing and accessible!  

Share with us one event or initiative that falls under the arts, culture, creativity umbrella that you are really excited about and want to share with readers?

I am both proud and excited about Creative Spirit’s community, open call gallery program.  This unique model provides all artists – regardless of training or portfolio – the opportunity to exhibit their work without the risk of being rejected.  There is no better feeling than to see your art hanging on the wall of a professional gallery and to observe the public’s reaction. 

Feelings of pride and accomplishment are deeply felt.  I believe in making the gallery journey easy for those who dream of this experience.  I am also excited, in general, about creative and professional collaboration.  I love imagining cool new partnerships and then picking up the phone to see if that imagined partner organization, business, or individual is interested in joining forces.  There is such joy and power in these marriages.  And the effects are broader, richer, and enticingly complex.  Co-created programs can really turn heads, and this is the name of the game.

What would be one thing you would like to relay/request of future creative thinking business owners and leaders?

Think collaboratively.  Do what you dream.  And take only your own advice (and your mom’s).   

How do you feel that being a member/partner of Creative Collective gives you the tools and support to reach your hopes and aspirations for the creative community? 

Being a member of the Collective is a blessing since it helps me to feel connected to the region’s community on a daily basis.  I trust they have my back.  They help me to connect the dots.  Owning and running a business can feel isolating, and the Collective helps me to feel part of the whole.  They also help me to feel of great value, and this is the best result of all.