May 25, 2021

Bridget Bishop – A Remembrance of Injustice on June 10th

by joeyphoenix

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A Commemoration of the first execution in the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Hysteria

“You can tell a lot about a community by the way they treat their dead.” 

Join in live via Instagram from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials Memorial for a commemoration of the 329th anniversary of the execution of Bridget Bishop, the first victim of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria. Bridget was the only person not executed in a group, and was a domestic abuse survivor. The event will honor her and all the 1692 victims and survivors of abuse, prejudice and ignorance – past and present. 

17th Century music and prayers will be shared, along with information about Bridget’s life. An offering of cider will be given to the trees at the 1692 Memorial, inspired by customs Bishop no doubt saw during her youth back in her native England. 

If you wish to participate, tune in to @cryinnocentsalem on Instagram at 10am on June 10th. Donations may be made to HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change). This event is a collaboration between History Alive and The Petticoat Pages to promote awareness against domestic and sexual abuse to inspire action to create lasting change.

History Alive, Inc. is committed to the production of new plays and theatrical scenarios based on true stories from the past. Emphasis is given to interactive theatre so that actors and audience together, through a playful and dynamic way of engaging with history, might broaden their understanding of the present and gain a fresh sense of purpose within their own era. The company also seeks to invigorate the local economy by designing activities which connect the community and its visitors to a distinct, local history.

The Petticoat Pages presents Women’s collective past from the 17th-19th Centuries through a unique blend of performance and lecture to cultivate an understanding of how history is the study of choices so we can make better ones.

Jennifer Emerson, founder of The Petticoat Pages, commented: “Previously accused in 1680, Bridget’s death was the point of no return in the Salem Witchcraft Trials. While it is too late to help Bridget and countless individuals like her, we must act to break the cycle of abuse, once and for all.” 

For media inquiries contact: 

Kristina Wacome Stevick
President and Artistic Director, History Alive, Inc.
in residence at Salem’s Old Town Hall

Jennifer Emerson
Founder, The Petticoat Pages
(860) 514-7313

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