Case Study

Beverly Artist in Residence Program


In the spring of 2021, Creative Collective was contracted by the City of Beverly to assist in their development of an Artist-in-Residence program.  Over the course of the three-month pilot program, Creative Collective established a system of procedures that will inform future iterations of such programs within this city.

Project Timeline
Fall 2021


Our team directly supported the participating artist, acted as municipal and community liaison, contributed to all promotional aspects of the program, and provided consultancy and assistance where needed.


  • Supported local artists, makers, and/or members of the creative workforce by providing an accessible hub for them to produce and sell
  • Improved the vibrancy and social connectedness of downtown
  • Involved local building management and property owners in the program
  • Built a bridge between municipal and creative communities
  • Helped the City of Beverly recover from COVID-19 related shutdowns by increasing foot traffic downtown while also supporting the creative workforce.


a blue and white drawing of a man holding a cane.
City of Beverly
Beverly arts district logo
Beverly Arts District (BAD)
Metropolitan area planning council logo
Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) - funder of the artist stipend
Beverly Main Streets Logo
Beverly Main Streets
Montserrat college of art logo
Montserrat College of Art
beverly cultural council logo.
Beverly Cultural Council
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