Case Study

Groundworks Lawrence Winter Farmer’s Market


Creative Collective MA worked with Groundwork Lawrence to help transform their winter farmers market into a destination utilizing all local creators, vendors, and makers. The event hosted live music, beekeeping demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, and an art market.

Project Timeline
Winter 2021/22


Creative Collective partnered with Groundwork Lawrence as a continuation of their ‘Imagina Essex’ initiative, to assist in reimagining the Winter Farmer’s Market as more of a communal destination and event while incorporating the local creative community and Merrimack Valley-based entrepreneurs. The event hosted live music, bee keeping demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, and an art market.


  • Introduced programming to complement the food sales and educational resources currently being offered at the market
  • Continued the conversation that creative economic development strategies, driven by the community at-large, can have real transformative and catalytic potential when valued and fostered in a way that encourages equitable inclusivity.

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