April 7, 2020

Creatives Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

by joeyphoenix

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It’s been a hard month. When the news started rolling out mid-March the initial response was shock and uncertainty, but the next step was action. Instead of sitting back and wondering what could be done, creative people figured it out and started doing it.

Here are some of the people doing good work and some of the ways you can support them in their efforts. These are the people helping essential workers, making masks, and providing a helping hand in a collective effort the world will never forget.

Some Ways to Support These Artists and Makers

  • Send them money directly (Here are some digital tipping methods) to help them cover costs and materials
  • Buy products already in their shop
  • Ask them how they could be best supported – some of them are looking for helping hands to speed up production
  • Donate clean fabric and elastic to the mask makers
  • Tip: Don’t be offended if they don’t reply. Many of them are working overtime to make this work happen, so if they don’t respond, move on to another on the list.

The Brickyard Collaborative COVID-19 Request Form

Gowns, Masks, and Hand Sanitizer are in Production at this time. Follow them on YouTube to see how you can help.

Masks and Face Shields


Hand Sanitizer

Ongoing Food Donation

Support restaurants donating meals by ordering takeout from the restaurant or funding their efforts directly.


Runner’s Buff For Behind You, Inc.

from 25.00 – Curbside Pickup Only

Runner Buffs are designed for cold weather face protection, and with the recent recommendation from the CDC, we wanted to make these available to more than just the Notch Running Club.

Click here for an up to date listing of Virtual Experiences

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