September 3, 2022

Diversity Matters Fest 2022 – PHOTO Highlights

by joeyphoenix

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In 2021, the North Shore Juneteenth hosted the first-ever Diversity Matters Festival in hopes of bringing communities from across various identities together in one place to celebrate their diversity. In 2022 it came back to Red Rocks Park in Lynn and the organizers partnered with Save the Harbor Save the Bay, Marblehead School of Music, Creative Collective, and other community leaders to organize an event that included as many cultures as possible.

Images by Joey Phoenix for Creative Collective. Click here for full gallery. 

a black woman stands behind a table of cbd products

High Maintenance Products booth display at 2022 Diversity Matters Festival

a group of people wearing pink shirts and holding drums performs at the 2022 Diversity Matters Festival

Grooversity performs at 2022 Diversity Matters Fest

three young women of color in brightly colored red white and blue dresses dance on stage

Cultura Latina Dance Academy performs at the 2022 Diversity Matters fest

a woman in a sparkly black leotard hangs upside down by bright green billowy aerial silks

Boston Circus Guild Performs at the 2022 Diversity Matters Fest

a latina woman in a yellow sombrero holds a mariachi guitar and smiles behind a microphone

Veronica Robles and her all woman mariachi band performs at the 2022 Diversity Matters Festival

two femme people stand behind a table full of fun rainbow products. The latinx human on the left has black hair in buns and is wearing a blue t-shirt and overalls. The human on the right is black and wears a polkadotted yellow dress.

By Omayda vends at the 2022 Diversity Matters Festival

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