April 27, 2020

Meet the Maker – Bobbie Bush Portrait Artist

by joeyphoenix

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Meet the Maker is a new series of features highlighting some of the most amazing makers across the North Shore! We will be featuring a handful of new makers every Monday to hopefully help mitigate the added financial strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the creative community. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Meet Bobbie Bush!

IG: @bobbiebush
Facebook: Facebook.com/bobbiebushphotography
Store: https://www.bobbiebush.com/shop-local
Website: www.bobbiebush.com

In your own words…  what do you do? Describe the thing(s) you “make/create.”

I am a portrait artist offering fine photographic portraits and painting commissions. You can support me in one of many ways. Buy a gift certificate. Pre-purchase a child or family portrait session. Purchase original artwork. Commission a painting of your favorite photograph! MY Online store is now open.


The world is curious — what inspires you to “make/create”?

My current inspiration comes from a desire to combine new technologies with old school traditional artist tools. My recent work has included pushing the boundaries of what was a digitally-captured image into the realm of fine art, by mixing photography and painting together. I absolutely love transforming a photograph into a painted work, whether it’s my personal work or my client projects.

Roughly how much are you expecting in losses over the next month?

90% of all revenue. Only a handful of projects that started before the pandemic are in the works.

What measures are you taking to reduce lost revenues?

Opening up an e-commerce section of my website! And pivoting to create a new stream of revenue through the process of taking other people’s photographs and turning them into paintings. Much work is being done on my websites to accomplish this end.

What do you think could help everyone in this challenging time?

Stay calm. Take care of your own health. Think long term and about what you can do right now to help you re-emerge stronger when the time is right to re-engage with your client base.


$100 Gift Certificate

Gift certificate redeemable towards portrait or art commission, future photography sessions, and much more.

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Bobbie Bush – Boston Portrait Artist

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Bobbie specializes in creating custom Painting Commissions that blend photography and painting together. The art form transforms a photograph into a painted work, using a client-supplied photograph or an image captured at the studio. The paintings she creates combine modern technology with traditional artist mediums, by mixing hand-rendered electronic brushwork with topical layers of oil paints and glazes, applied by brush and