March 16, 2020

Meet the Maker – Salem Style

by cns2020

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The first in a new series of features highlighting some of the most amazing makers across the North Shore! We will be featuring a handful of new makers every Monday to hopefully help mitigate the added financial strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the creative community. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Meet Salem Style!


Juls Donovan aka Salem Style is a fifth-generation crocheter in her family. Juls makes incredibly soft winter accessories as well as the cotton iced coffee cozies.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Crocheting is incredibly therapeutic, and I want to make sure it stays relevant in modern fashion. Crochet is something that can only be made by hand (knit can be done by machine) so I want to be a part of continuing the skill.

How has this whole COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

I have noticed a sharp decline in social media engagement, sales, and website views. It’s increasingly difficult to be seen.

What measures are you taking to reduce lost revenue?

I am using the extra quiet time at home to continue to create and plan. There really isn’t much else to do, because business dips in and out. But with increasing my inventory, I will have the opportunity to recover the costs at a later date.

Any advice on what could help in this troubling and challenging time?

Many makers do not have a marketing plan or schedule. I would use this time to really schedule out what you’re going to say and when. Of course, this will not result in income right away, but when you are active again, you will have more time back because you planned ahead of time and aren’t scrambling to post something. As for customers, take this quiet time to really access what your needs are in your life. Make some goals and research who in the creative economy can help you with those goals. For example: if it’s something like being less stressed. You can use this time to connect with local creatives in the wellness industry.


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