March 21, 2022

Muse: A Salute to Divas Showcase to Celebrate Local Talent

by Felicia Cheney

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Over the decades, many female artists have paved the way in music and continue to leave their marks on the world (and on the charts!). You’re invited to a night of song, sass and celebration as 6 New England based female vocalists backed by our “house band” take The Cabot stage to sing and celebrate the divas of the modern-era!

Hosted by comedian Kelly MacFarland, the evening will showcase the musical stylings of vocalists Jacyn Tremblay, Amanda Mena, Lauren Rhoades, Sarah Seminski, Sheree Dunwell, and Casey Desmond.

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Joey Phoenix (they/them) talked to Jacyn Tremblay (she/her/hers), the event organizer and one of 6 talented performers for the upcoming Muse: A Salute to Divas Showcase happening this Friday night in Beverly. It’s the ultimate girls night out featuring some of the area’s best local talent. 

Joey Phoenix (they/them) talked to Jacyn Tremblay (she/her/hers), the event organizer and one of 6 talented performers for the upcoming Muse: A Salute to Divas Showcase happening this Friday night in Beverly. It’s the ultimate girls night out featuring some of the area’s best local talent. 

Joey: Tell us about this incredible show! 

Jacyn: Muse: A Salute to Divas is a show about female empowerment, inspired by the music and spirit of some of the most popular female vocalists of the 20th century. I curated the show with six female vocalists, including myself, and I just really wanted to represent the local talent that was out there, give some people a chance to play on The Cabot stage and to bring some great positive feminine energy to Beverly! I really think that’s what we need right now. People are coming back out to shows. Live entertainment is really needed. We’ve missed out on so much over the past two years. In my opinion there’s no better time for a show about empowerment, confidence and good vibes. We’re definitely going to have some fun!

Joey: What was the curation process like? Why did you choose these other five artists in particular to join you? 

Jacyn: Well, I did a little bit of research on who was out there in the local music world to see who seemed to truly capture that “diva” spirit. With March being Women’s History Month it’s the perfect opportunity to bring together some diverse female vocalists for a concert event.  I’ve been following some of these singers on social media for quite some time and I’m really a big fan of their work. Lauren Rhoades, (one of my fellow vocalists) and I were in a pop r&b group called Jada.. It’s going to be super fun to get to share the stage with her again, but also with Casey, Sheree, Amanda and Sarah. These women all bring something beautiful and special to their performances so I hope people come and enjoy hearing them as much as I do!

Joey: What are some things that you are excited about, in particular for the show?

Jacyn: I’m excited about the diversity of everyone’s talents.. I believe that the six of us each bring something unique to the stage. When I asked the artists to choose their songs, I asked them to lean towards the artists who’ve inspired them as performers and singers. Who brings out their inner diva? Not to give too much away, but one of the performers is really inspired by David Bowie. For her, his music represents what a diva embodies. I’m really excited to see what she does with the material that she’s chosen. We will include some more traditional diva tunes  – the music of Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, and some people that you’d expect, but there will be some surprises for sure. I don’t want to give it all away! 

In addition to vocals,we’ve  assembled a really energetic house band for the night.  We’ve got an amazing female bass player ChaSe, and accomplished female keys player Estefania Nunez-Villamandos. On drums there’s the effervescent Phil McGowan and guitarist extraordinaire “Purple” Scott Tarulli.  The guys have convinced me that they’ll be harnessing their feminine energy so not to fear! [She laughs] 

Joey: Who are the artists who are on your list? 

Jacyn: When I was growing up I was more inspired by musical theater. I never really listened to the radio. s By the end of high school and into college lI got really into it.  Everything from Christina Aguilera to Whitney Houston to Kelly Clarkson. Nowadays it’s basically whoever speaks to me in that moment, musically is who I love.  I love Brandi Carlile. I love her soul. I love her storytelling. There are so many great female artists. I love Alicia Keys, I love Lake Street Dive, there are some artists from overseas I love as well. If you sing from the soul and know how to tell a story, that’s an artist I connect with. 

Joey: Is there anything else that you need the people to know about in regards to this amazing show? 

Jacyn: I feel that there’s a lot of female talent in New England that doesn’t get enough of a chance to shine on stage, especially a stage like the Cabot. So when I was given the opportunity to put a show together, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It’s definitely a special opportunity. I hope  people come and just enjoy a night of some really great songs with some local talent. Hopefully we’ll get to make it an annual event.. I’d love to include some additional singers in the future as well. The possibilities really are endless!

Joey: Is dressing up encouraged? 

Jacyn: Absolutely. Get glammed up in your best diva attire! Be ready to sing along too!

Muse: A Salute to Divas Showcase is this Friday night, March 25th at 8:00 pm at The Cabot in Beverly. Get tickets here

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