Alder & Spice Candle Company

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Alder & Spice Candle Company

Alder & Spice is a woman-owned small business based in Salem, Massachusetts, specializing in premium, hand-poured candles. Founded by Kat, this company is committed to creating high-quality, non-toxic candles that enhance spaces and curate sensory experiences for their customers.

Key Features:

  • Small-batch, hand-poured premium candles
  • 100% soy wax, non-toxic and dye-free
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced materials
  • Wide variety of scents for different moods and spaces
  • Custom orders available for events or businesses

Signature Products/Services:

  1. Premium Candles: Hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles with cotton wicks
  2. Custom Scent Creation: Bespoke candles for events, celebrations, or businesses
  3. E-commerce Store: Online shopping for a variety of candle scents
  4. Sustainable Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging options


To provide customers with an exquisite range of candles that elevate their surroundings, create ambiance, and help them unwind while maintaining a commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

Founder’s Story:

Kat, the founder, discovered her love for candles early in life, inspired by her mother. The last mother-daughter activity they shared was a candle-making workshop, which sparked the creation of Alder & Spice Candle Company.


Alder & Spice contributes to the home goods market by offering premium, non-toxic alternatives to mass-produced candles. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing also promotes environmentally conscious consumer choices.

Product Information:

  • Materials: 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, premium fragrance oils
  • Features: Non-toxic, dye-free, clean-burning
  • Variety: Wide range of scents for different moods and spaces
  • Customization: Available for special events or business branding


  • Location: Salem, Massachusetts
  •  Website
  • Custom Orders: Available via contact form on the website

Elevate your space with premium, hand-crafted candles from Alder & Spice. Experience the perfect blend of quality, sustainability, and exquisite fragrances, all created with care in Salem, Massachusetts.

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