Ellie Jade Co.

About the Member

Ellie Jade Co. is a small business based out of Salem that specializes in a range of products from apparel to glassware with stationery and other accessories sprinkled in. Accessories are carefully sourced through connecting and collaborating with other small businesses. Being a Salem local, most designs have a spooky twist.

This online shop is owned by Ashleigh (and her husband Chris who helps where he can), a mom of two that left her office job during the pandemic with no direct career path in mind. With a degree/work experience in Accounting and Business Management; a love for all things handmade, Ashleigh tried her hand at making all kinds of things from baby blankets, apparel, and gift baskets. She always kept going back to apparel. After investing in a heat press and seeing an amazing year of growth, she started enhancing her apparel shop with glassware and accessories to include custom stationery.