Sully's Brand

About the Member

When Sully’s Brand first started, they headed out with backpacks to sell their wares to the crowds leaving Fenway Park. They created original merchandise that resonated with Boston sports fans, but wasn’t available in the pro-shop. Sully’s made the t-shirts that you had to have and helped Boston fans worldwide literally wear their emotions on their tees. Sully’s doesn’t want to just make great looking gear, though. They also want to be a positive part of their community, raising thousands for local charities in recent years. Sully’s passion for all things Boston helps them to create original apparel and merchandise that not only lets you rep your city, but also look great doing it!

three t - shirts hanging on a brick wall.
three shot glasses sitting on a table next to a brick wall.
a group of four boston sweatshirts on a white background.
a picture of a bunch of stickers on a wall.