June 23, 2020

Stay-at-Home Order • Variety Pack #2!

by Felicia Cheney

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By Valerie Bruno / Originally Crafted Events

Looking to stay connected while staying at home?

Trying to find a way to give back during this pandemic?

Enjoy drinking beer from Local Breweries?

The Stay-at-Home Order competition Variety Pack # 2 is here!



Originally Crafted Events is offering a fun and creative way to keep you connected with your friends, family, and favorite breweries during this unprecedented time; all while giving back to our local healthcare workers.
Today you may not able to travel to some of your favorite breweries, so we are bringing them to you!

The Stay-at-Home Order Variety Pack brings you a smorgasbord of brews from almost a dozen local breweries where you are then able to then go online and vote for your favorite brew.

After purchasing your Stay-at-Home Order Variety Pack from a local liquor store, try them all and be sure to open your thank you pack inside. You are then able to go online and vote for your favorite brew. Snap a picture to share online with your friends, the brewery, Originally Crafted Events, and the liquor store you purchased it from! – you might just win a prize from a local business!

We all love seeing your faces and the support you continuously give us! After the votes are in, Originally Crafted Events will share the results online announcing which brewery won your votes! With a portion of the proceeds going to our local healthcare workers, the Healthcare Heroes Fund, you have the satisfaction of knowing your purchase is not only supporting your favorite local breweries and businesses but giving back to a great cause!

Liquor Stores/ Distributors: At the moment, these specialty packs are available at Mystic Wines, A&L Liquors and most recently Vinum Wine Shop! Stay tuned for updates on even more liquor stores coming online! If you would like your local stores to offer these packs, reach out and let Val know!



Gentile Brewing Co. • Farmhouse Belgian- Style Saison 5.2% abv

Gentile describes their Farmhouse brew as a “light, dry and refreshing ale brewed with 2% wheat. No barnyard flavors here. Just a fruity, spicy beer to enjoy”

Pleasantly surprised by this light and smooth Belgian-Style Saison from Gentile; a needed changed from of all the recent IPA’s. Farmhouse pours with a hazy opaque golden yellow color with a one finger white cap. You cannot only smell an undertone of spice but taste it as well. This Saison has a light carbonated smooth mouthful with a bitter aftertaste that dissipates
quickly. Pick some up to enjoy with dinner or to just chill out with on the back deck, either way you won’t be disappointed.

Have you been to Gentile yet, what are you waiting for? Gentile Brewing Co. is built on history and charm. Its building was not only built in 1884 but originally housed the Creesy Shoe Factory, bringing even more character and depth to this 130 plus year old space. Today, it is a family-owned and operated nano craft brewery, one that has made it their mission to provide
their community with fresh, quality beer. Opening their charming doors back in 2015, founders Paul and Christen Gentile created a space
for Beverly residents to come relax and enjoy fresh craft brews, “we believe good beer should be enjoyed and not fussed over.” Using traditional English- style ingredients and methods to brew their beers, Gentile provides their community with four year-round beers that are always waiting for you in their taproom. Even though they focus on tradition, they are not afraid to experiment and branch out to create new and delicious beer for all of us to try! “Gentile, means family” and creating a unique community space and a beer for everyone is something that Gentile has accomplish; bring your friends, family, co-workers and even your dog, all are welcome and the door is open!

Christen and Paul’s love of brewing started back in 2005 and has only grown stronger and more vibrant as they continue to create delicious, local craft beer. Want to learn more about Gentile Brewing, head over to their website or pop into their taproom to enjoy some great conversation and brews!


Mighty Squirrel • Cloud Candy New England Style IPA 6.5% abv

Mighty Squirrel’s Cloud Candy is a New England Style Indian Pale Ale that is double dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo.

Mighty Squirrel’s Cloud Candy was definitely a treat! With tropical aromas of mango and pineapple, a lighter golden haze hue and a frothy white cap, this beer didn’t disappoint. It has a mild carbonation; a lighter mouthful and you can taste the tropical and dare I say pine flavors. Cloud Candy finishes somewhat dry with a slight bitterness. This brew definitely warmed my belly and would suggest picking one up for yourself to enjoy on any cloudy day!

I first want to give a huge shout out to Might Squirrel for not only participating in this new variety pack idea but being extremely generous and also matching our funds to give to our healthcare heroes! The final donations will be placed by mid-July.

Mighty Squirrel is not only in a great location (10 minutes from my house, haha) but has so many unique features you will never leave disappointed after paying them a visit. Having their brewhouse and canning line directly in the middle of their taproom, allows their guests to be fully immersed in the brewing process; experiencing it from start to finish. Equipped with giant glass windows and two large patios, guests are able to wonder about the taproom or enjoy their brew outdoors; definitely a bonus with mandatory social distancing! Since partnering with Central Rock Gym, guests are able to see a rock-climbing wall adjacent to the taproom visible through giant glass, certainly a sight to see and fun to watch people climb.  

Originally ascending from San Diego, Mighty Squirrel was birthed by two good friends, Naveen and Henry. With the booming craft beer scene in California becoming to saturated, they decided to take their passion and love for beer and permanently plant their roots here, in Waltham, MA. 

Why this east coast city? Because this “tight-knit community makes it feel more like a small town.” They not only fell in love the community and its cool manufacturing history but fell in love with the amazing space located at 411 Waverly Oaks Rd, Waltham, MA. Naveen and Henry loved this city so much, they both purchased homes and now live here permanently with their families. Mighty Squirrel continues to create might moments and encourages their friends, family and loyal followers to share their mighty moments as well. Stop in and try any of their delices brews or order some to go!


Remnant Brewing Co. • Clip Art IPA, the Hop Rotating IPA 7% abv

Clip Art is Remnant’s OG IPA, and is labeled “with a big kick of Mosaic and Michigan-grown Centennial hops.”

This OG rotating IPA definitely has a kick! The hoppy citrus aromas of this brew take center stage the moment the can is cracked. Clip Art’s appearance pours thick with an orange/ mango juice color, and has a thin white cap. You get a thick carbonated mouthful with a sour flavor on your palate, which then leaves you with a lingering bitter smooth after taste. If you are looking for a beer with some extra hop in its step, this is the beer for you; and with it now just recently being canned for the first time, you can bring this hoppy goodness anywhere!

Before Remnant Brewing opened its doors back in 2018, founders Joel and Dave put a lot of time and consideration into who needed to be a part of the Remnant family. Both having backgrounds in the brewing industry, as well as helping to establish another local MA brewery, they knew exactly what it would take to create something different, special and their own. From this, they were able to identified the perfect people to help grow and establish their brewery, as well as the perfect location; Bow Market, Union Square, Somerville.

Remnant’s team has worked diligently to bring its community a space where they can collaborate, shop and enjoy one another’s company, all at the same time. Their unique and special outdoor patio space, which is surrounded by 20+ other local businesses, makes for great private events, community gatherings or just grabbing a beer with a friend. Remnant Brewing’s goal for 2020 is to start more canning runs with Castle Island Brewing Co; with this they will be able to continue to bring their community delicious local craft brews and be able to put their beers into the hands of people who have not yet enjoyed the pleasure of tasting them! 

“The mandated shutdown and Coronavirus definitely sped up that process, as we scrambled to get as much of our beer in our tanks into cans and into the hands of our fans. It’s made it fun to try new projects like these mix packs, and other events with mixed 4 packs out of our own space.” 

If you plan on visited Remnant Brewing for the first time or the twentieth, would suggest bringing your walking shoes and appetite; you will need them both!


Essex County Brewing Co. • Perpetual Greetings American DIPA 8% abv (New England Style)

First introduced at the end of 2019, this has become a fan favorite!! there is no description given on the can, but on their instagram @essexcountybrewing it describes the beer as “A New England Double IPA brewed with North American hops that brings aroma of tropical fruit and resinous pine (juicy & Soft); excited to try this offering!

ECBC’s American DIPA definitely felt unique and enjoyed trying to figure out exactly what was happening on my palate. Perpetual Greetings pours aromas of citrus, has a golden haze hue and a one finger white cap that does linger. It seems to have a hoppy, thicker mouthful, a decent amount of carbonation and has a resinous pine after taste as described. Overall, I enjoyed sipping this beer in the backyard, while social distancing with an old friend!

Opening their doors two years ago in 2018, Essex County Brewing Co. was the first brewery to be welcomed into the Peabody community. Located at the Mills 58, you not only get to experience the rich history of how these old Tannery buildings helped shape the Northshore into what it is today, but get to sip on some great brews while doing so. Was honored to be able to join them for their ribbon cutting ceremony at the beginning of this year!

After learning about a life-long family friend, Mark Tessicini, being diagnosed with ALS, brewers all across the Northshore came together to create an annual home brewing competition event in his honor. Through this tragedy, Paul and Peter met two-time event winner Julian Miller (head brewer) and decided then to form the ECBC “dream team;” beginning their journey while continuing to honor their friend Mark. 

Both having strong Northshore roots, founders Paul Donhauser and Peter Doig knew there was no other place than the Mills for their brewery; “I had (4) uncles that worked in the tanneries, and although the building was dilapidated and really had minimal signs of life, we fell in love with the bones, the history and the location,” Donhauser. The location itself is unique, but having a personal connection to the space really makes it one of a kind. 

“Our team is incredible and made up of family and friends that create a great family environment and gathering place for the community.  We had an incredible 2019 and served over 25,000 pints of beer in our taproom and at community events.  Currently we are in planning for a major expansion that will enable us to adequately supply the Northshore with our beer.”

ECBC has worked diligently to bring their community a space where they can relax and chat while soaking up some local history and brews. They proudly serve their community and continuously hold themselves to the highest standards when it comes to quality, ingredients and cleanliness. Hope to see you there!


The Stay-at-Home Order Variety Pack #1 featuring; True North Ales, Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, Bent Water Brewing and Springdale Beer Co. is now selling at Vinum Wine Shop. With a new location at 232b S Main St, Middleton, Ma, Vinum Wine is open and ready to take your curb side order today! A big thank you to Samantha Miller; super grateful for you reaching out and wanting to start this partnership!

Vinum Wine Shop was established in 2015 by Samantha and her husband John; since then they have created a pleasant and relaxing environment for people to come and enjoy while picking from a delicious selection of wines and craft beers. 

Stop in or order ahead to grab your variety pack and help support our local Healthcare Heroes!