Doneeca Thurston

January 14, 2020
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Riveting Broads

Riveting Broads: Doneeca Thurston

by joeyphoenix
You’re Not Tricking Anyone | Imposter Syndrome and Representation | With Doneeca Thurston via Riveting Broads On this week’s Riveting Broads’ episode, Molly and Jacqui are joined by Doneeca Thurston, Director of the Lynn Museum and Lynn Arts, to explore Imposter Syndrome, or the tendency to question or justify away one’s own success and how age, race, and gender can
January 14, 2020
October 25, 2019
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Reshaping Museum Representation in Lynn with Doneeca Thurston

by cns2020
Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts Welcomes New Director Doneeca Thurston At 29, Doneeca Thurston is not only the youngest director but also the first person of color to head operations at Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts. The position was formerly filled by Drew Russo, who became the city of Lynn’s personnel director in April of this year.  For Doneeca, a Lynn native who has
October 25, 2019