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Full Moon Yoga


Wild Sea Wellness will be offering monthly yoga classes at The House of the Seven Gables throughout 2024. Be sure to check their website and calendar for details, dates, and links to register. The next partnership is scheduled for Feb 21 at 6:00 p.m. in our spacious Holyoke Room in the Visitor Center.

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The Chaos Within – Sound Healing for the Soul with Lisa Kawski

Editor’s Note: In the podcast preamble I mention two organizations where you can donate to right now that are doing what is needed in Minnesota and nationally. They are: Black VisionsNational Bail Out Fund #BlackLivesMatter #EnoughisEnough Bail Funds/Legal Help by City Lisa Kawski is a sound healer, kirtan practitioner, and the owner of Sound Healing for the Soul. She joins …

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Virtual Health and Wellness Classes to Take This Week

Stuck inside with little to do but work remotely, binge Netflix, and hang out with your furry co-workers? Staying active is one of the hardest parts of this quarantine, but maybe one of the most essential. Fortunately, yoga, dance, and fitness studios are creating virtual spaces for you to do just that. You can now take online classes that will …