December 28, 2021
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Meet The Member: Evan Northrup Magic

by joeyphoenix
Evan Northrup (he/him) In your words… Tell us about your organization, business, initiative. I work collaboratively with institutions, theater companies, and organizations of all kinds to create magical experiences that inspire curiosity for the world around us. My projects take a host of forms – from public shows to installation art to immersive productions; whatever vehicle helps tell the story
December 28, 2021
July 23, 2019
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Creative Identities

The Moment of Magic with Anton, the Official Magician of Salem

by cns2020
by Joey Phoenix When Anton Andresen was named the Official Magician of Salem in 2017, he was already a longstanding figure in the North Shore magic community. Having performed publicly since he was 13 years old, including a spot on SATV, he stepped into this new role with gusto, and now uses his title to not just perform magic to
July 23, 2019