North Shore Concert Band

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The North Shore Concert Band is a twenty-five-piece ensemble that performs free concerts “in the park” throughout the summer months. The band is comprised of members of the North Shore Musicians Association, American Federation of Musicians, Local 126, Lynn MA. The band plays primarily at the Salem Willows Robert Hayes Bandstand, in Salem, MA.  The North Shore Concert Band is under the direction of its conductor and founder, David L. Benjamin.

Our historical evolution reaches back to the 1960’s when Richard Boisvert, then Director of Fine Arts for the City of Salem Public Schools, began a band. The band continued for approximately 25 years when Larry Drouin, another Music Educator, took up the baton. The current conductor David Benjamin, who succeeded Larry Drouin in 2010 named the group the North Shore Concert Band. At the same time, Robert Hayes, who was Manager of the Band, and Gordon Bowman, who was Assistant-Manager, certified the band with the Federal Government as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

NSCB is always open to discussing other concert opportunities beyond our summer series! We represent an organization “staffed” by highly trained professional musicians, and can provide music appropriate for ceremonial gatherings. Our music library is appropriate for “seated audience” concert-type gatherings.

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