April 15, 2019

Third Annual Resistance Ball at Hamilton Hall – Photo Gallery

by cns2020

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Images by Mel Powsner and Kati Nalbandian for Creative Collective

The Third Annual Resistance Ball at Hamilton Hall was held on Saturday, April 6th, 2019. Patrons danced, dined, and wore costumes inspired by history and by the spirit of rebellion.

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Hamilton Hall started this tradition last year as a way to commemorate the spirit of resistance that characterizes the American Revolution in particular and American (and Salem) History in general. The particular event, Leslie’s Retreat, celebrates how on February 26, 1775, the townspeople of Salem resisted the attempt of British Lt. Colonel Leslie and his troops to confiscate concealed cannons – the same cannons used in the Battles of Lexington and Concord nearly two months later – on the north side of the North River: peacefully and resolutely. 

This event set a precedent for revolutionary and progressive activity in Salem over the next two centuries, leading to inclusiveness and equality, and the Resistance Ball exists to mark this grand occasion.

All proceeds from the event benefitted the ongoing preservation of Hamilton Hall.

About Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall in Salem is widely recognized as one of the most important Federal buildings in America. It was designed in 1805 by the famous architect and master woodcarver, Samuel McIntire, and has been a vibrant part of the community for over two hundred years, with a long-held tradition as a venue for weddings, lectures, meetings, and social events.

Learn more at www.hamiltonhall.org