Better Than Fiction Tours

About the Member

Established in the Year of the Plague, Better Than Fiction is Salem’s newest walking tour company. Often when we are faced with difficult times, we make life-changing decisions. And so, out of restrictions, quarantine, lock-downs, and COVID measures, comes opportunity. So, here we are, seizing opportunity.

We believe in a different kind of tour, one based on stories. This isn’t history class and history is more than names and dates. It’s people, and their loss and grief, it’s their success and smiles and all things in-between. We, as human beings have always been story tellers, from Gilgamesh and Beowulf, to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Our epics have been carved into stone, lost to the stars, whispered around camp fires, and sculpted into animation and song. We hold them in our hearts. We are a people of wild adventure, we are the dreamers, we are the custodians of history. And real history, about real people, is often better than fiction.