Wild Sea Wellness

About the Member

Holding space, finding alignment, and dancing under the full moon… I teach alignment based vinyasa on the North Shore of Massachusetts. I love sharing my practice with my students and crafting a full sensory experience that links music, breath, movement and stillness. I’ve been playing in bands around the Boston area for almost 2 decades, so fun is usually at the top of my list when it comes to sequencing classes and making sure everyone has a healthy dose of “rock and roll” attitude.  I also share my long-cultivated (since I was a tiny little hedge witch!) personal connection to the elements, the earth, the sea, and the moon during classes and focus on how our connection to nature not only heals us in mind and body, but integrates our authentic selves into the universe.  We are all rebels seeking to shine our truest selves to the world!

In addition to my regular classes found here, I host pop-up rock and roll yoga classes as well as moon energy and seasonal healing (solstice, equinox, samhain, etc.) workshops around the north shore.  Some of the places you can find me include: The Salty Buddha, Green Tea Yoga,  Notch Brewing, the Moon and the Mat , Witch City Wicks, Deacon Giles Distillery, Hive & Forge, and more!

a woman sitting in the grass with her arms in the air.
a woman doing a yoga pose in front of a bar.