March 2, 2020

Who Is Halloween Happy?

by joeyphoenix

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All photos courtesy of Halloween Happy.

Tell us about who you are and what you do?  

Eek! Hi! My name is Sam. I’m originally from Wichita, Kansas but now reside in Salem, Massachusetts. I’m a Halloween lifestyle vlogger. I share how I bring Halloween into my everyday life! I do Halloween fashion, Halloween crafting, Halloween decorating, Halloween cooking, Halloween things to do, Halloween hauls, Salem living and more on my Youtube channel, Halloween Happy. Pretty much all things Halloween. 

When did you first fall in love with Halloween? Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming Halloween Happy. 


I fell in love with Halloween when I was a little ghoul. I noticed at an early age that my soul thrived during the autumn season and especially during the month of October. It was the only thing I looked forward to each year. Growing up I had a very creative imagination.

I would write anything I could relating to the spooky season. I’m talking costumes I wanted my mom to sew for me, fall activities I had done that day, Halloween doodles, ghost stories and more! 

I loved doing this because it was my own safe place to create the Halloween magic I had missed all year.

My own little Halloween world just for me. My mom also made the season so memorable each year. She’d get out her cozy decor, her pumpkin spice candles, and she would watch her favorite horror movies while doing house chores every Sunday. As I got older, my love for all things spooky continued to grow within my heart.

I had a few friends who would throw Halloween parties here and there, but they weren’t anything special. Maybe the occasional string of orange lights, a ghost cut out taped on the door and whatever music was current on the radio. I would envision all the different things I would do at my own Halloween party, you know if I had one. So one year I threw my first party and with a few friends.

They noticed all the effort and creativity I put into the decor, the music, the food, the drinks, the entertainment, and just the overall Halloween party experience!  Each year it grew bigger and bigger. I made it into an event I would tease my guests all year about. It was to the point that if I had any free time from work, Halloween party planning was what I spent doing.

Before I knew it, I was introduced to people as “this is the Halloween girl I told you about.” I realized people wanted to know more about how I came up with something Halloween specific. Whether that be how I crafted something or where I got my home decor and even wanted to know my Halloween playlist.

At the time there was only really Martha Stewart for Halloween inspo that was mainstream anyway. I thought if my friends were wondering about all these things, they can’t be the only ones. That’s where I started my Youtube channel, Halloween Happy. It will be five years this year!!

I just started creating videos of all things Halloween and slowly started growing a community of people who loved Halloween! These people who watched my videos became my friends and family. I put a lot of my life out there on my channel so they have seen me through my ups and downs, my struggles, losing my mom to cancer, my big move to Salem, the loss of my best friend, my dog Denali. They were always there for me.

To this day, I always get messages from people who come across my content and they spill their guts to me with the hardships they are facing and how a photo or video I posted put them in a better mood or has helped them look for the positivity in their life.

I still can’t believe the time and energy that they put into me and Halloween Happy. It’s a true blessing and they always inspire me to push through. I’m so appreciative and thankful for the Halloween Happy friends! I’m not sure they could ever grasp how much they mean to me. 

What is so great about being an influencer on the North Shore? 

That everyone has their own passion and no one questions it! I’ve met so many creative people in the short time I’ve been here! I feel like there is a lot of support and resources available to those of us who are wanting to pursue what feeds our soul. 

What are your favorite North of Boston haunts? 

I recently went to Fright Kingdom in February. They are located in Nashua. It was for their Forever Mine Valentine Horror Event. It was amazing. They had 5 haunts plus a dinner for two, while being spooked! I can’t wait to visit in October! I’ve also been to Spooky World in Litchfield. They have a cool setup with fire pits to keep warm during those chilly fall nights. Yummy concession with a beer garden is a plus. They also have games and hayrides! I’m excited to check out some new spots this year.

What most inspires you?

My mom. She was a strong woman who had so much thrown her way. My mom always looked for the positive in each struggle and challenge she had. She taught me about hard work and to keep going no matter how difficult life can be. You can always find something to be grateful for.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Happiness is a state of mind. It lies within our own control to increase it! It’s never too late to do or surround yourself with what makes you happy in YOUR life!

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