May 11, 2020

Reasonably Well – Ep. 4 – Claudia Paraschiv

by Felicia Cheney

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Reasonably Well- Episode 4
Sustainable living, public art, and participatory design extraordinaire and momma, Claudia Paraschiv join us on Reasonably Well – Episode 4!

Kati and Claudia discuss sustainable living practices in our modern world, parenting and the collective systems that challenge us in our daily lives. <— Learn more about Claudia and her company “Studioful Design” and follow her on instagram @Studioful.Design

Conversations about creativity and wellbeing. How COVID-19 and social distancing is reteaching and reimagining life. Weekly guests share their thoughts with your host, Kati Nalbandian, with tools and tactics on reestablishing practices, survival and spirituality.

Hosted by Kati Nalbandian
Kati Nalbandian is a lifelong Creative being with a need to support the wellness of Creatives and everyone’s wellness with creative solutions.


Creative Collective is an innovative and modern business program that is responding to the current crisis by pivoting our own business model and enhancing how we provide resources, information, connections, and marketing to over 200 members across the North Shore and beyond. We focus on the intersection between creative industry and small business, economic development, and the supporting structures that these business owners and creative thinkers need to pivot and adjust according to current trends and restrictions. You can learn more here.