January 28, 2020

3 Places to Keep in Mind Now That You’ve Kickstarted Your 2020 Health and Wellness Journey

by joeyphoenix

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by Day of Eat Drink Explore



When you were making your wellness goals for 2020, Davids Tea probably didn’t cross your mind.

Davids Tea is a shop that specializes in loose leaf tea. You can find straight teas like jasmine black pearls, sencha green, organic rooibos, and fun herbal blends like Miami Melon, Magic Potion, and Raspberry Mojito. Teas aren’t just meant to drink hot anymore. You can cold steep them overnight or even steep them to create strong flavors when baking or cooking. Have you ever thought of brewing your own Kombucha? Davids has got you covered. This little shop is more than it seems. 


Davids tea flagship store is located in Toronto, Canada. There are currently 240 stores across the US and Canada.  

For North Shore residents, Davids Tea MarketStreet Lynnfield location is the best. The entire staff is passionate about tea and can speak to the benefits and quality of each tea. 

You can click Here to check out one of Days Favorite Tea Kits that Launched this year. The first time you enter a Davids tea it may seem overwhelming,  we would suggest asking for help. The staff can break down the tea wall for you and help you discover your flavor profile. There is literally a tea for everybody. 

What to Buy

Starter kits always come with a “perfect spoon” (Davids Teas unit of measurement), a way to steep your tea, and at least two ounces of pre-packaged loose leaf tea. Click Here for our favorite starter kit. 

When you stop in to Check out Davids tea don’t be afraid to ask questions and work hard at determining your flavor profile and what benefits you’re interested in. 

SoBol Beverly 


SoBols one and only Massachusetts location is right here on the Northshore in North Beverly.

SoBol’s claim to fame is its Acai bowl. Thick cream and rich with nutrients, the Acai bowl is totally customizable. You can choose from an array of toppings and nut butters. Create a bowl that not only fills you up but fuels you too.

Along with the bowls, you will find an assortment of beverages ranging from coffee to smoothies to tea. Tons of healthy snacks line the counters. Were making So bol one of our Healthy stops as we kick off the new year. 

What to Order

The original Açaí bowl with cookie butter, the green bowl with almond butter, you can’t go wrong with the berry smoothies, and Atomic coffee is served here!

Stop in here for the fresh-cut toppings, stay for the friendly staff, and come back because SoBol’s owners support local and are building a community around healthy options.

Lolo Poke Newburyport


Lolo Poke is a Hawaiian inspired eatery with locations in Newburyport and Beverly where you to create endless variations of poke bowls. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that has become quite popular across the US. Poke bowls typically consist of chunks of raw marinated fish usually Tuna, tossed with rice and assorted veggies.

Lolo Poke does offer other unique menu items like the sushi donut, sushi cakes, and Musubi. Shake up your next meal and make salads a thing of the past. Lolo Poke has got you covered. 

What to Order

Whatever you like! All these bowls are completely customizable and poke bowls can accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies.

Why Visit

Visit for the freshest ingredients and endless combinations. It’s impossible to have a boring meal here


You thought we were done! Not quite. There are so many wonderful spots on the North Shore that will keep you on track for your 2020 health and wellness goals. Here are two more spots more good eats and drinks on the North Shore.

Romeo’s Juices
This pop-up bar may not have a brick and mortar location, but when you find them in the wild it’s sure to be a great discovery. We personally love the Mango Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl. Make sure to follow them on their Facebook page for updates about where they’ll be next!

Root Café
This hidden spot in Shetland is not only a place where young people can learn how to cook, but they also have a place where you can try some of what they make. Our favorite is the Soba Noodle Root Bowl. All proceeds go to the employees and directly back into the program, so it’s for a good cause too.

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