February 26, 2021

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town – Danvers Edition

by joeyphoenix

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We’re all craving a bit of adventure these days. While traveling abroad might be out of reach, there are things you can do right in your own backyard to help stave off boredom and get a change of scenery.

Danvers is home to some of the area’s best historical sites – including important Witch Trials locales and memorials, natural areas, tasty bites, and specialty shopping. In pre-COVID times, there was also laser tag and a trampoline park, which we can only hope will return again someday.

Here are some of our favorite diversions from Danvers, MA.*

* If you want a virtual tour of Danvers, check out this Instagram highlight.

Glen Magna Farms – 29 Ingersoll St.


Glen Magna Farms is a historic country estate located at the end of Ingersoll Street, Danvers, Massachusetts. It is currently owned by the Danvers Historical Society and open daily. The sprawling gardens and grounds are open to visitors during daylight hours, and private tours are available by appointment only

Endicott Park – 57 Forest St

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Endicott Park’s varied landscape includes pastoral views, historic farm buildings, orchards, woodlands, and marshes, with a network of trails and gravel roads for stress free and stroller friendly exploration of the park.

Passive recreation activities for all ages abound, ranging from hiking, fishing, picnicking and enjoying the playground in the warmer months, to sledding, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing in the winter.

Samuel Parris Parsonage Archeological Site – 65 Centre St

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The Salem Village parsonage was main site for the 1692 Salem Village Witch-Hunt, during which almost 200 innocent people were accused of witchcraft. It’s now in modern day Danvers in a residential district.

Rebecca Nurse Homestead – 149 Pine St

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The Rebecca Nurse Homestead sits on over 25 acres acres of an original 300 acres occupied by Rebecca Nurse and her family from 1678-1798. The homestead is the only home of a person executed during the trials still open to the public.

In pre-COVID times, the Rebecca Nurse Homestead is also home to Revolutionary Theatre Company.

Danvers Witchcraft Victims’ Memorial 


Erected in 1992, the Danvers Witchcraft Victims’ Memorial pays tribute to the twenty-five innocent people who died during the witchcraft hysteria of 1692.

Connors Farm

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Established in 1904, Connors Farm is a delightful spot for pick your own fruits and veggies throughout the farm season. It’s also home to a farm store, lots of barnyard animals, bouncy houses, and a lot more.

Restaurants and Shops to Check Out While You’re There

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