April 9, 2021

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town – Ipswich Edition

by joeyphoenix

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We’re all craving a bit of adventure these days. While traveling abroad might be out of reach, there are things you can do right in your own backyard to help stave off boredom and get a change of scenery.

Ipswich is a gorgeous coastal town boasting scenic historic vistas, a trendy downtown and café scene, farms and hiking, breweries, and miles of beautiful beaches.

Here are some of our favorite diversions from Ipswich, MA.*

* If you want a virtual tour of Ipswich, check out this Instagram highlight.

**Special Event this month: VERSE/VISUAL

April 2021 – with Poetry Pop Ups Happening the weekend of April

VERSE/VISUAL was created by Ipswich photographer Cynthia August (she/her/hers) and poet Sarah Vickery (she/her/hers), director of the Ipswich Poetry Group, in 2018 – and while this year the festival won’t be able to happen in the same way it has in years past, it is happening in a hybrid way, combining a rich virtual experience with in-person social-distance-friendly occurrences and a self-directed art walk. 

Follow the trail of QR Codes to enjoy this self-directed art walk

Read more – “VERSE/VISUAL – Self guided art journey to open in Ipswich this weekend”

The Crane Estate at Castle Hill


The 2,100-acre Crane Estate is an unforgettable destination with winding salt marshes, miles of barrier beach, and beautiful hilltop mansion. Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane, Jr. first purchased the land that would become The Crane Estate in 1910. Today, the Crane family mansion is known as The Great House on The Crane Estate and is protected, along with the rest of Castle Hill, as a 165-acre National Historic Landmark.

Photo by Joey Phoenix

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary


The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Mass Audubon’s largest wildlife sanctuary, is located in Topsfield and Wenham, Massachusetts. Much of its 2,800-acre landscape was created by a glacier 15,000 years ago. While not technically in Ipswich, it’s close enough to count and worth making the journey.

Wolf Hollow


Wolf Hollow is a nonprofit wolf sanctuary and educational facility in Ipswich. Visitors to the educational center are given a unique opportunity to meet our resident gray wolves while enjoying an enlightening one-hour educational presentation.

Orchards and Farm Stands

Russell Orchard

With so much green space and natural beauty, it’s not a surprise that Ipswich is home to many farm stands and orchards. Some local favorites include Russell Orchards, Marini Farm, Appleton Farms, and Northern Lights Farm Stand.

Ipswich Museum and Visitor Center


The Ipswich Museum was originally founded in 1890 as the Ipswich Historical Society. The collection reflects more than 100 years of acquisition and preservation by these early visionaries.

Currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, but a reopening plan is in place.

Ipswich River Walk


The Ipswich Riverwalk is a bridge that spans the Ipswich River in Downtown Ipswich connecting South Main Street to Union Street through Ebesco Publishing’s parking lot. 

The Riverwalk is also a delightful place to view public art along the water, including the Ipswich mural on the Ebesco building.

Restaurants and Shops to Check Out While You’re There

Food and Drink


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