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About the Member

Christina Frei is a branding + marketing specialist who coaches thought leaders to show up, make a difference, and inspire action in their audience. Her holistic and human approach starts with determining a client’s Marketing Archetype. They might be a Nurturer, an Adventure Guide, a Door Opener, a Steady Presence, or a Celebrator, and this knowledge is key to their brand story.

A Little Straight Talk About Your Marketing.

  1. You’re capable of doing it all, BUT then you couldn’t run your business.
  2. You want to be everywhere to reach more people, BUT unless you have a large staff, that is not possible or sustainable.
  3. You could impress (please) everyone with your beautiful Instagram feed, BUT that’s not how to get great clients.
  4. You want do to what everyone else is doing, BUT this won’t give you a chance to establish your uniqueness, your expertise, or your consistency.

Here’s the Good News: The 3 Keys

Your marketing can be simple

It’s simply a matter of honoring your strengths and bringing them to life. This establishes your expertise and shows your consistency.

Your marketing can change lives

It’s simply a matter of identifying your unique (and innate) way of serving others that is beyond your profession. This shows you care.

Your marketing can be fun, life-giving, and therefore sustainable

It’s simply a matter of creating a daily habit of joyful generosity. (And you can do this with your eyes closed!) A mindset shift makes marketing energizing, rather than draining. This matters.