January 31, 2024

Celebrating Black History Month in Salem: A Tapestry of Events and Tributes

by cns2020

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Salem, MA – This February, Salem’s Human Rights Coalition is thrilled to unveil a rich tapestry of events celebrating Black History Month. These gatherings promise to be more than just events; they’re an invitation to engage, reflect, and celebrate the profound contributions of Black individuals to our community and history.

Community Celebration & Flag Raising: A Warm Welcome to Black History Month

When: Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 2:30 pm
Where: Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, 1st Floor, Salem, MA
Admission: Free, Everyone’s Invited!

Join us for an afternoon brimming with community spirit, marked by the uplifting Black History Month Community Celebration & Flag Raising. Savor a cup of hot chocolate and bask in the warmth of community pride. The event features a special appearance by Ai Qui Hopen, the talented artist behind the Humanity Memorial. She seeks your thoughts on her latest creation, the Charlotte Forten Memorial. It’s a rare chance to influence a piece of history – from choosing the expressions to selecting writings for the statue.

The celebration will continue with inspiring talks from local leaders and residents, focusing on the significance of Black history in Salem. The event culminates in a flag raising at Riley Plaza, symbolizing our collective respect and honor for Black history.

Salem Public Schools Celebrate Charlotte Forten: A Display of Creative Insights

On View: February 19th – 29th, 2024
Where: Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, Salem, MA
Viewing Hours: Mon-Wed: 10 am – 4 pm; Thu: 10 am – 7 pm; Fri: 9 am – 12 noon; Sat & Sun: 9 am – 4 pm
Admission: Free

The Old Town Hall transforms into a hub of creativity with displays from Salem Public Schools. The students and teachers have crafted ‘idea boards’ and projects revolving around Charlotte Forten’s life and legacy. This exhibit offers a unique glimpse into her life, with timelines, family trees, and previews of the forthcoming sculpture.

Ode to Charlotte Forten & Other Black Salem Stories

When: Saturday, Feb. 24th, 2024 at 11 am
Where: Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, Salem MA, 1st Floor Colonnade
Admission: Free, Open to All

This community event, nestled among student displays, shines a light on Black narratives from Salem’s past and present. It’s a blend of historical interpretations, presentations, and creative expressions, all celebrating Charlotte Forten Grimke and other significant Black figures in Salem’s history. Join us for a journey through time, poetry, and community bonding.

Charlotte’s Salem: An Exclusive Event for Salem Public School Students

When: Monday, Feb. 26th, 2024 at 9, 10, & 11 am
Note: This event is not open to the general public.

A unique educational opportunity awaits approximately 100 elementary students from Salem Public Schools. History Alive Inc. presents an adapted version of ‘Charlotte’s Salem’, an immersive and interactive theatrical experience. This event allows students to step into the shoes of Charlotte Forten and her contemporaries, offering a tangible connection to the past through hands-on engagement and historical exploration.

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Join us in honoring the rich tapestry of Black history in Salem – a month of learning, celebration, and community engagement awaits!